Saturday, October 10, 2009

It was composed by R Kelly for Whitey Houston

I look to you by R Kelly

music that I am listening to these days

Can I have this dance

It is quite amazing how video computer synchronizing could bring out the feel of the music.

Sleeping to dream by Jason Mraz

Split screen sadness by John Mayer


Call you tonight - Johnta Austin

Eric Benet with his Daughter, India singing - You're the only one

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Angels and Demon

has been generous to give us passes to watch the premier of "Angels and Demons" last tuesday. It was bloody excruciatingly exciting to watch it. Even though i had to watch the movie at a distance where the eye level was almost exactly on par with any subtitles of any movie. I was sitting on the 2nd row from the front. Yet still my heartbeat hungers for more excitement. The movie never fails to give me overdose of adrealin drug.

Basically, the movie is about the Vatican City was at war with an old enemy, a historic secret society where beliefs more on technology and science more than the superior wonders of God itself called : "The Illuminati". A War that has been fighting thru centuries over centuries. A War of Religion and Science. This society has been driven underground by the Roman Chatholic Church due to the controversy believes that refute the believes of God.

And now that they are back, hiring an assassin, having a plot to bring down, to infiltrate the Church, heavily guarded by the Swiss Guard, the almighty Roman Catholic of Vatican. Kidnaping the 4 out 5 Cardinals which is important to choose the new Pope. At moment when this movie took place was when the late pope and the new pope being chosen.

Professor Langdon And Dr. Vetra was in search for the for the Path of Illumination, a journey of one who wants to be a member of the Illuminati. The path leads to four major locations in Rome, ( The vatican City ), each associated with what Illuminati belived to be the Four Primodial Elements of all things existence : Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. The search was with a purpose to save the 4 cardinals, unfortunately 3 cardinals have died along the process. One is saved.
I guess the movie was made to make you think which side are you on. Do you believe in God or Believe in simple scientific explations of all things exsistence.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jon'Z is back

For about more than half a year ever since I shut down my blog... it has come to me that I have decided to start blogging SORRY dear readers...many have asked and many have wondered

why such act, such a waste... after years of blogging and i have shut it down

woii....moment of silence la.... lol * to the late *
like bollywood drama only.....

Why shut it down? hahaha.......nevermind not important...something very personal.....rather not bring it up...

new phase, new life, new BLOG
* party party and Jon'Z jumps for joy * ............. din get stuck k ....i know i fat....

give me some time....I am quite rusted in the HTML area, comes new outlook.....
HERE I GO !!!!!!!

*new phase, new life, new blog*